69 Rush St

ZBA 2018-50

Green Building Practices The application states that the Stretch Energy Code will be met.
Subject Property The subject property is a 2 ½-story two-family residential structure located in the RB zoning district on a 4,678 square foot parcel. The subject property presents approximately 2,568 square feet of living space.
Proposal The Applicant proposes the following alterations to this property: Increase the number of dwelling units from two to three Construct a rear addition within the right side yard setback (Special Permit) Provide two parking spaces (Special Permit for parking relief)
Dates of Public Hearing May 16, 2018 ­ ZBA
Legal Notice Applicant and Owner, 69 Rush Street, LLC, seek Special Permits under §4.4.1 of the SZO to alter a nonconforming structure, including, but not limited to constructing a rear addition to add another dwelling unit, and parking relief under §9.13 of the SZO. RB zone. Ward 1.
Alderman Matthew McLaughlin
Owner Address 85 Speen Street, Suite 202, Framingham, MA 01701
Owner Name 69 Rush Street, LLC
Applicant Address 85 Speen Street, Suite 202, Framingham, MA 01701
Applicant Name 69 Rush Street, LLC
Site 69 Rush Street
Recommendation Conditional Approval
Date May 16, 2018

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