100 Bartlett St

ZBA 2018-35

Green Building Practices No information provided on application.
Subject Property The subject property is an existing 3, 252 square-foot, 3-family conversion located in the RA zone on a 4,378 square foot lot. The property currently presents an above-ground pool in the back yard.
Proposal The Applicant proposes retaining the 3-family use of this property. Both the interior and exterior of the residential structure will be renovated. The above-ground pool will be removed from the back yard as will an existing retaining wall. The property will be re-landscaped and three parking spaces will be added behind the dwelling house. However, the parking spaces proposed are non-standard in size. Standard parking spaces are 9x18. The Applicant proposes three parking spaces at a size of 7x18. A portion of the bituminous driveway will be removed where the driveway abuts the public sidewalk and an apron of permeable pavers will be installed. The Applicant proposes pervious pavers for the three parking spaces but asphalt for the remainder of the driveway save for the entry apron. The Applicant proposes to remove the concrete walkway leading from the public sidewalk to the front steps of the structure. Pervious pavers are proposed in place of this concrete walkway. In addition to the above, the Applicant proposes the following: Increase the size of the rear decks Replace a front façade window with a new entry door so that there are two front entry doors Replace rear windows with doors to provide deck access Existing rear doors will be replaced with windows All existing 1-over-1 windows on the house will be replaced with two-over-one windows
Dates of Public Hearing May 16, 2018 ­ ZBA
Legal Notice Applicant and Owner, Douglas Beaudet, seeks Special Permits under §4.4.1 of the SZO to alter a nonconforming 3-family structure by increasing the size of the rear decks, replacing, front façade window with a new entry door (to create a second entry), replace rear windows with doors to decks, convert existing rear doors to windows, replace all windows from 1-over-one to two-over-one. Proposal includes increasing the number of parking spaces from 1 to 3 and creating two bicycle spaces. Parking is addressed under Article 9 of the SZO. RA zone. Ward 5.
Alderman Mark Niedergang
Owner Address 689 Somerville Avenue
Owner Name Douglas Beaudet
Applicant Address 689 Somerville Avenue
Applicant Name Douglas Beaudet
Site 100 Bartlett Street
Recommendation Conditional Approval
Date May 16, 2018

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