10 Oak Street

ZBA 2018-10

Green Building Practices The application states that the project will meet or exceed the stretch code.
Subject Property The subject property is a 2 ½-story residential structure located in the RC zoning district. This two-unit structure presents approximately 1,728 square feet of living area and rests on a 3,301 square-foot parcel. 1 Total GFA on a property consists of the footprint of ALL buildings on that site. In the case of 10 Oak Street, though the GFA is being increased due to widening the structure along the left elevation, the Applicant is also removing an existing accessory structure on the site. The removal of the accessory structure results in a loss of its square footage as part of the GFA calculation. On balance, the loss of GFA from the removal of the accessory structure, combined with the increase in GFA from widening the main house results in a net reduction in overall GFA, not an increase.
Proposal The Applicant proposes to significantly alter this property. The proposed alterations are as follows:
Dates of Public Hearing May 16, 2018 ­ ZBA Since the legal notice was issued, it has been determined that the GFA is not being reduced by more than 25%. 1
Legal Notice Applicant, 10 Oak LLC, and Owner, Rolando Dongo, seek Special Permits under §4.4.1 to upwardly extend the non-conforming right side yard setback, increase the GFA by more than 25%* and parking relief under Article 9 of the SZO. RC zone. Ward 2.
Alderman J.T. Scott
Owner Address 10 Oak Street
Owner Name Rolando Dongo
Applicant Address 22 McGrath Highway, Somerville, MA 02143
Applicant Name 10 Oak LLC
Site 10 Oak Street
Recommendation Conditional Approval
Date May 16, 2018

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