14 Pearl St

ZBA 2018-23

Green Building Practices The application states the following: "Project will meet or exceed stretch code."
Subject Property The locus presents a 1 ½-story, single-family residential structure sited on a 6,534 square foot lot in the RB zone.
Proposal The Applicant proposes significant overhauling the property including expanding the existing structure, raising the roofline and re-landscaping. The footprint of the existing building will remain while the two additional units will be added to the front of the property. The two new front units meet all setbacks. The number of units will increase from one to three. The locus has the lot area per dwelling unit (lot area per d.u.) ratio to support three residential units. Three parking spaces will remain in the existing garage. This equates to one parking space per unit. Also proposed are six (6) bicycle spaces. The components of the project requiring zoning relief under special permit are as follows: Gross Floor Area (GFA) Under §4.4.1 of the SZO, an Applicant must request a Special Permit in order to increase the GFA by more than 25%. The proposed addition of two more residential units on this parcel will increase the GFA by 45%. Parking The proposal requires parking relief for 1.0 space.
Owner Address 100 Dartmouth Street, Somerville, MA 02155
Applicant Address 100 Dartmouth Street, Somerville, MA 02155
Owner Name Adragna Dedic, LLC
Applicant Name Adragna Dedic, LLC
Dates of Public Hearing Zoning Board of Appeals ­ September 5, 2018
Legal Notice Applicant and Owner, Adragna Dedic, LLC, seeks Special Permits under §4.4.1 of the SZO to substantially alter a non-conforming structure through additions and raising the roofline. GFA will increase by more than 25%. Number of units will increase from one to three. Parking relief requested under §9.13* of the SZO. RB zone. Ward 1.
Alderman Matthew McLaughlin
Agent Address n/a
Agent Name n/a
Site 14 Pearl Street
Recommendation Conditional approval
Date August 22, 2018

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