284 Broadway

PB 2017-11

Green Building Practices The application indicated that the awnings will use Sunbrella canvas, which is marketed as having high quality shading properties and could reduce the amount of air conditioning needed.
Subject Property The subject property is a 6,447 square foot parcel comprised of four commercial units that include two restaurants, a barber shop, and a currency transfer service.
Proposal The proposal is to modify the existing façade by replacing the existing signage, add awnings, accent lighting, perform façade repairs, and painting.
Dates of Public Hearing Planning Board ­ May 18, 2017
Legal Notice Applicant, Cambridge Repro-Graphics C/O Craig Murphy, and Owner, Belmont Hill Corporation C/O Tribeca Management, seek a special permit under SZO §6.1.22.D.5.a. of the Somerville Zoning Ordinance to make façade alterations to the existing structure. CCD-55 zone. Ward 4.
Alderman Tony LaFuente
Owner Address P.O. Box 187, Somerville, MA 02143
Owner Name Belmont Hill Corporation C/O Tribeca Management
Applicant Address 21 McGrath Highway, Somerville, MA 02143
Applicant Name Cambridge Repro-Graphics C/O Craig Murphy
Site 284-288 Broadway
Recommendation Conditional Approval
Date May 11, 2017

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