13 Alpine

ZBA 2016-75

Green Building Practices The application states that the project will not exceed the stretch energy code.
Subject Property The subject property is a currently-vacant, light-industrial building with a parapeted brick front fa├žade. It is listed with the City as an office building but it was previously used as a garage for Faulkner Brothers Oil. The property is built out nearly to the property lines on all sides. This property is in the BB zone but abuts the RB zone immediately to the left and rear of the building. The property is a single-story structure with a footprint of 5,376 square feet. The
Proposal Major components of the proposed project are described immediately below: a. Use The Applicant proposes to change the use to residential in order to construct 7 units with parking provided in the existing ground-level space. b. Height The building is currently a 20-foot tall, one-level garage structure. The Applicant proposes to increase the overall height of the structure to 50 feet at its highest point. On the sides of the building that abut the RB zone, the Applicant proposes a height of 40 feet/3 stories. c. Setbacks Right: The right side yard abuts a property that is also in the BB zone. Because of this, no side yard setback is required. The Applicant proposes maintaining the .2-foot setback in this location. Left: The left side of the building abuts an RB zone. The left side of the existing building rests .2 feet from the lot line. This setback will be maintained at ground level. However, the additional floors being constructed are required to be set back from the lot line because of this abutment to the RB district. The Applicant proposes setting the 2nd and 3rd floors of the proposed structure 16'8" from the left side yard lot line. The 4th floor of the building will be set back 30 feet from the left side yard lot line. Rear: The rear of the structure currently rests .9" from the rear yard lot line. This setback will be maintained on the ground level. Because the rear of the building abuts an RB zone, the 2nd and 3rd floors of the proposed building will be set back at 16' from the rear lot line and the 4th floor is proposed to be set back 30' from the rear lot line. Front: The front yard setback is currently at 3'9". This setback will be maintained at the ground, second, and third floor levels. Though not required the fourth floor level will be set back several feet from the front lot line. d. Landscaping The Applicant proposes creating landscaping opportunities by providing containered evergreen screening on upper floors in order to help block residents' view into abutting properties from these residences. The Applicant also proposes perennial plantings in permanent containers located on the front elevation of the ground level in order to enliven the front of the building and to prevent building residents and visitors from crossing onto abutting private property on the right elevation of the building. Crushed gravel is proposed as the left and rear elevations of the parcel. e. Parking The application states that the Applicant is required to provide 12 parking spaces but that 15 will be provided. The proposed parking spaces will be contained on the ground floor level of the building. Staff disagrees with the Applicant's parking space count, the reasons for which are explained in the findings for Article 9 of the SZO. f. Other A mezzanine level above the garage is proposed in order to provide storage units for each of the residences. An elevator will be incorporated into the building. A handicapped parking space will be provided. An enclosed trash room is proposed on the garage level. Bike storage will be provided on the garage level. The elevator lobby, entrance lobby, elevator machine room, and mechanicals room is proposed for the ground level. A community room for the use of the building residents is proposed on the ground floor as well.
Legal Notice Applicant, 2-13 Alpine St., LLC, seeks a Special Permit with Site Plan Review (SPSR) under Sections 7.11 and 5.2 of the SZO to construct seven residential units and Special Permits under Section 4.4.1 of the SZO to alter a non-conforming structure. The Applicant seeks Special Permits under Article 9* of the SZO for parking relief and to provide compact spaces. BB zone. Ward 5.* It has since been determined that parking relief is not needed. Dates of Public Hearings: July 12, 2017 - ZBA
Alderman Mark Niedergang
Owner Address 2 Alpine St., Somerville, MA 02144
Owner Name 2-13 Alpine St., LLC
Applicant Address 2 Alpine St., Somerville, MA 02144
Applicant Name 2-13 Alpine St., LLC
Site 13 Alpine Street
Recommendation Conditional Approval
Date July 12, 2017 Case #: ZBA 2016-75

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