311 Highland Ave

ZBA 2017-103

Date Filed with City Clerk December 26, 2017
Date of Decision December 13, 2017
Decision Petition Approved with Conditions
SomerVision Plan Complies with the applicable goals, policies and actions of the SomerVision plan, including the following, as appropriate: Preserve and enhance the character of Somerville's neighborhoods, transform key opportunity areas, preserve and expand an integrated, balanced mix of safe, affordable and environmentally sound rental and homeownership units for households of all sizes and types from diverse social and economic groups; and, make Somerville a regional employment center with a mix of diverse and high-quality jobs. Page 4
Signage The Applicant must ensure that "the size, location, design, color, texture, lighting and materials of all permanent signs and outdoor advertising structures or features shall reflect the scale and character of the proposed buildings." A signage band is located on the commercial storefront. A condition of this report is that commercial signage be reviewed by Planning Staff prior to installation. Page 3
Green Building Practices None listed.
Subject Property The subject property is a mixed-use building located in the RC zone. The first floor provides commercial space and the upper floors residential. The first floor commercial space is owned by the Applicant and is the subject of the special permit signage proposal.
Proposal The Applicant, John Costello, received a violation notice from Inspectional Services in August, 2017, because he had affixed advertising signs in the windows of his ground floor commercial unit. The violation notice indicates that these signs were in violation of the Special Permit conditions that the ZBA approved when this project was permitted under a prior owner. The Applicant seeks a new Special Permit that would allow him to affix advertising signs in his storefront windows.
Date of Hearing December 13, 2017 ­ ZBA
Legal Notice Applicant, John Costello, and Owner, Lydia Rose Trust, John Costello Trustee), seek special permits to modify the signage requirements as permitted in the original zoning approval of ZBA 2014-120. RC zone. Ward 6.
Above 311 Highland Avenue prior to completion. The first floor commercial suite is owned by the Applicant and is the subject of the signage proposal.
Alderman Lance Davis
Owner Address 311 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA 02144
Owner Name Lydia Rose Trust, John Costello Trustee
Applicant Address 311 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA 02144
Applicant Name Lydia Rose Trust, John Costello Trustee
Site 311 Highland Avenue
Recommendation Conditional Approval
Date December 13, 2017 Case #: ZBA 2017 - 103

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