654 Mystic Ave

PB 2018-01

Subject Property The subject property is a 9,745 square foot lot containing an 830 square foot commercial structure formerly housing an auto garage. The subject property is covered with bituminous material (asphalt) and presents a retaining wall running along the rear length of the property. A shorter, stepped retaining wall runs along the Moreland Avenue frontage. Currently, there are three, large curb cuts providing access to the property from Mystic Avenue. For some time, a chain-link fence has run the length of the Mystic Avenue frontage. The property overlooks Mystic Avenue and I-93. The property is located in the BB zone, but the rear of the property abuts an RA zone. Fig.1 , below: Aerial view of subject parcel.
STAFF NOTE The property at 654 Mystic Avenue has appeared before the Planning Board several times in the last year. Initially, in December of 2016, the Planning Board approved a subdivision with Design & Site Plan Review. This approval would have allowed the Applicant to create three building lots with three dwelling units on each lot. Since this initial approval was conferred, the Applicant has been back before the Planning Board to correct procedural errors and minor design changes. The purpose of 654 Mystic Avenue appearing before the Planning Board on January 31, 2018, is
Date of Planning Board Hearing January 31, 2018 February 13, 2018
Date of Application December 29, 2018
Legal Notice Owner, 654 Mystic LLC and Applicants, Anthony Fava & Ryan Hunt seek Design and Site Plan Review per Section 8.8 and 5.4 of the SZO for lot splits to divide one lot into three lots. BB zone. Ward 4.
Alderman Jesse Clingan
Agent Address 8 Winchester Street, Boston, MA 02116-5424
Agent Name Gordon E. Meyer & Associates, P.C.
Property Owner Address 11 Elkins Street, Ste 205, Boston, MA 02127
Property Owner Name 654 Mystic LLC
Applicant Address 11 Elkins Street, Ste 205, Boston, MA 02127
Applicant Name Anthony Fava & Ryan Hunt
Site 654 Mystic Avenue to request approval for a modified proposal: The Applicant seeks to split the existing lot into three conforming building lots but seeks to construct three, 2-unit residential structures on each lot (instead of the originally-approved 3-unit residential structures on each lot).
Recommendation Conditional Approval
Date January 31, 2018 February 13, 2018 Case #: PB 2018-01

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